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know your milk

People tell us, know where your food comes from...but do you really? Not every farm encourages visitors. But as one of the top raw milk dairies in Connecticut, we invite you to learn about where your raw milk comes from and the passion behind our product. Read more about Baldwin Brook Farm, do your own research, or schedule a tour.

Tours are by appointment only, $3 per person or $10 per family (cash or check) - call 401-419-1214.

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We live on grass.

more nutritious

Grazing on pastures produces richer milk. Studies show that milk from grass-fed cows has higher amounts of healthy fats and proteins, including cancer-fighting fats.

grazing dairy farm in connecticut

Rotational Grazing

Pasture-fed: the cow's main meal is a mix of organic grasses and pasture plants, right in the paddock (truly a plant-based diet, without pesticides)

clean cows, clean milk

Since our cows live & eat on grass, they are moved to new pastures frequently which helps keep them cleaner for the milking process.


As a health-conscious mom, Mavis and her husband Chris have been growing food for decades. After much prayer and having managed our couple of milking cows, we expanded our herd to offer nutritious raw milk to the community.

Our milk is so good, it’s hard not to share the goodness with others. Baldwin Brook Farm is the passion for Mavis, while Chris works a corporate job. We thank the Lord for providing good food for our family, and this land to share the bounty from our animals to you. 

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About the Milk.

(Not cream, we can’t sell cream, only whole, raw milk!)

Do you sell cream?

No, we do not sell bottles of cream due Connecticut state law. However, our milk is not homogenized and has a thick layer of cream visible after milk sits. You can skim the thick layer of cream from the top.
grazing dairy farm in connecticut

Do you sell butter?

No, we do not sell butter, our state does not allow sales of butter made from raw milk. But, it's easy to make your own, even with a mason jar, blender, or mixer!

How much does your raw milk cost?

At our farm stand, milk in half gallon plastic jugs is $6, and half gallon glass is $9 (if you return the glass it is a $3/bottle money back).

How do I get cream off of my raw milk?

Pour milk into a pitcher or container with a large neck opening. Set in refrigerator, undisturbed, for 24-48 hours for cream to rise to the top. Skim it off with a ladle, spoon, fat separator (~$30). Once the cream is removed, you'll see the milk looks less ivory & almost blue-ish.

Do you sell large quantities of raw milk?

Yes, you can request for a 5 gallon bucket of fresh raw milk to be reserved for you at our farm stand for $50 (plus a $5 bucket deposit). Cash or check only.

Do you sell glass bottles of milk?

Yes, we sell them mostly at our farm stand for $9 ($3 cash back if you return a bottle) and some select retail stores may carry our milk in traditional glass bottles.

Is your milk antibiotic-free?

Yes, our milk is free from antibiotics. According to state law, all milk is tested for antibiotic residue, and milk from a cow that has received antibiotics is not allowed into the food supply.

Do you offer A2 raw milk?

Every cow produces some level of A2 β-casein, and Jersey & Guernsey cow breeds have higher amounts of A2 milk. Although we haven't tested all our cows (we love them so much & want to keep them!), we are breeding with A2 sires.

Do you have raw goat milk?

No, we only sell pasture-fed cow milk from Jerseys, which is also really high in butterfat content like goat's milk!
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When is this morning’s milk ready for pickup at the farm stand?

We usually fresh milk, that's just hours old, available for pickup at our farm stand by 11am Mondays through Saturdays.

Are you a certified organic dairy?

We decided to discontinue organic certification due to high costs which we do not want to pass on to our customers. But we do not use synthetic chemicals nor pesticides on our fields. We also do rotational grazing, which is "beyond organic" certified organic dairy farms do not require rotational grazing.

How much does raw milk cost?

We are selling raw milk at our farm stand at $6 for half gallon plastic jug, $9 for half gallon glass jug (includes $3 bottle deposit). At retail stores, it's around $7 or $7.99 per 1/2 gallon, depends on the store.

Do you add Vitamin D in the milk?

We do not add Vitamin D, we don't need to. There are no additives in our our pure, whole raw milk!

Do you deliver milk?

We deliver to over 50 retail stores & farm stands throughout Connecticut. We currently do not have the ability to offer home deliveries or shipping.
grazing dairy farm in connecticut

What is the nutritional content of raw Jersey milk?

Raw Jersey milk is exceptionally high in butterfat, around 5%, and can fluctuate depending on milk production throughout the grazing season.

How do I return glass bottles?

You can return your glass bottles for $3 cash back at our farm stand, or return it to any retail store that carries our milk in glass (see our locations) for your bottle deposit. When you buy milk in our glass bottle the second time, you are trading in your old glass bottle and don’t pay the...

Is your milk OK for someone with A1 milk sensitivity?

We are incorporating A2 A2 genetics into our herd. We have never heard of A1 milk sensitive customers having an issue with our milk. Many of our regular customers are normally lactose-intolerant or dairy-sensitive, and they are able to consume our milk!

Is your milk tested?

Our cows are checked thoroughly at every milking, and also our milk is tested by a state inspector every several weeks.

Is the milk free of hormones?

We don't use hormones for milk production, and dairies don't use growth hormone anymore anyways. (In ALL milk, there is some minute level of naturally-occuring growth hormone, but that has no effect on humans whatsoever.)

Is the milk still good if there are bits of cream floating?

As long as the milk smells like fresh milk, it's good! The cream (fat) will solidify & break into pieces in cold temperature after a few days. If this does not look appealing, you can skim off the cream & use in hot coffee or soup!


As a family, we care about the food we eat too, so we understand you may have questions! Read our FAQs below to learn more about our products.  

If any of these FAQs below don’t answer your questions, feel free to call Farmer Mavis at 401-419-1214, or email us at